A home that harmonizes with the forces of nature “sails.”   Sailing . . . works with the forces of nature traveling at speeds of nature . . . no fuel necessary.  Sail around the world.  More opportunities to smell the roses.

A home that behaves more like a motorboat – like most existing homes -- forces the environment to bend to a person’s immediate cravings. Motoring . . . push the gas pedal and the boat roars and smokes to anywhere at great speeds . . . until it runs out of fuel.

With the tools of “Transforming Architecture”, it is possible to engage in a living environment that shares traits of sailing.  Homes shown here are like sailing yachts.

Transforming Architecture” provides a spectacular quality of life, based on new sciences, not dollars.  “Transforming Architecture” flexibility creates new spatial experiences, does more with less, brings the outside in, takes the inside out, leverages the energies of nature, provides a healthier living style, creates a strong connectivity with nature - the warmth of the sun, fresh breezes, intense engagement with your surroundings.

The existing inventory of the world’s architecture is antiquated.  It wastes resources and lacks vitality and functionality being immobile.  By not "just sitting there," Transforming Architecture moves to reformulate spectacular lifestyles and multiple purposes.

See examples of “Transforming Architecture”.

For a 0 to 100 adrenaline rush of “this House Sails” see GeoTec.  It is a mind-bending example of empowerment with the tools of “Transforming Architecture”.  It provides all of its own energy and a lifestyle you would never imagine possible.  (Only view when nothing pressing and have had your coffee!)