"Live outrageously in environments that continually transform"... Rex Beasley

Consider Harmony Sails for your next Production Location

"Wall to Wall Ingenuity"

LA Times

"Global Luxury"

Unique Homes Magazine

"Fluid Architecture"

Arch-Tech Magazine

PBS:  "Fluid Architecture"

Living indoor or outdoors at the push of a button.  "Soft walls" . . . the interior and exterior blend together.  Good for health, good for the soul.

"Eye on the Desert"

Living room undocks and floats away from home on air.  "Soft walls" . . . . the interior and exterior coalesce.   Dynamic Architecture provides an outrageous quality of life not possible with static architecture.

RIO "Room Inside Out"

Real estate agents price a home using square footage as a guideline.  What is the value of square footage that move to other locations . . . like the other side of the pool.