KIO – Kitchen Inside Outside

The Kitchen Reimagined

KIO at the heart of your home, the kitchen, changes the entire nature of a home, you may feel like you’ve moved!

The KIO stands for Kitchen-Inside-Outside.  It’s a techie piece of furniture that drops into an exterior wall of your kitchen. Your home feels and operates bigger.  Outdoors is more readily at hand; your health is enhanced.

No need for more real estate or an outdoor kitchen, take you existing kitchen outdoors.

Very green, less stuff, less space needed . . .  but an explosion of the building envelope to the outdoors.

Creates connectivity with the outdoors; the home enlarged in the push of a button.

Instantly create a fabulous entertainment area.

Health of outdoor entertainment.

When nice weather . . . go outside.  Weather becomes an issue . . . back inside in a moment.

Hassle free outside entertainment.

Many more designs available.

Launch of new products.  Interested in talking to Interior Designers.