RIO – Room Inside Out


  • Takes the inside-out and the outside-in.
  • Allows you to more fully experience views.
  • Enlarges the size of outdoor spaces particularly on smaller confined lots; i.e. ocean or lake front, hillside properties.  (See demonstration.)
  • Forget the dirty outside furniture, take the “creature comfort” furniture of your living room outdoors in moments.
  • If weather turns harsh, back indoors . . . when nice again, head back outside.
  • Amazing entertaining space.
  • The increase presents in fresh air is good for your health and also allows you to be others and not be worried about “distancing.”

Notes: There has never been a floor plan of a single-family home where a RIO could not be installed.  The RIO generally replaces an existing corner of a home, so, does not need more property or have set back issues.

Take your living room outside at the push of a button.  (RIO = Room Inside Outside.)

Seriously . . . take your whole living room outdoors for 10 minutes or the entire day.