Hidden Passage Estate

The Ultimate Entertainment Home for Sale

A differentiated pinnacle in spectacular lifestyles for the couple with an extended group of friends and family or – please hold – the ultimate rocker or movie aficionado enclave. Designed by Rex.

Traditional homes, whether 1000 square feet or 10,000 square feet, cram everyone under one roof.  Family reunions, college friends gathering together are often a #!@F*! at best.  At Hidden Passage Estate, everyone can be together, and everyone can be in their own private world.

A 25-acre estate with individual dwellings and activity centers all connected by walking paths (and golf carts!) This is the fantasy environment for bringing people together.

With a flavor of the Greek Isles, this "Island Estate" is completely surrounded by the Sand to Snow National Monument.  With 4 gracious seasons, basking in a bounty of spectacular weather and pristine air. Artistic details abound.   Due to the wealth of water and sun’s energy, going off the grid to be complete independent is a simple option and presently in process.

Entertainment and healthy living is everywhere, from the clean air, pristine wilderness, quiet desert ambiance and relaxing atmosphere.  Or, kick it up a notch with abundant activities, such as swimming, horseback riding, hiking, yoga, water aerobics, Saturday night movies (indoor or out), large concerts, dancing under the stars,  communion around the campfires at the Forum, disk golf, golf-golf, group meals in the central kitchen, vegetable gardens . . . this is everything rolled into one.

For more information: www.symbiodesigns.co or contact below.