“Rock Your Green” Architecture

Live in Outrageous Architecture and be Very Green

Global warming and “thinking green” is often associated with a lifestyle that requires a sacrifice in comfort.  Some fear the future might be about compromising, living smaller, life that is "less than," keeping the heater lower, anxiety to turn lights out or buy a small car.  Transforming Architecture demonstrates an outrageous quality of life not available in traditional architecture regardless of the price.  These sciences of transforming architecture create a lighter foot prints on earth, uses less materials and less energy needs, a broadly more functional, dynamic living environment.

Here are examples of “an outrageous quality of life”, living boldly, no need to live compromised in "Transforming Architecture."

  1. Living rooms that float on air undocking from the home, blowing the house wide open, the room placed anywhere on the patio (saving energy, enlarging the home, communing with nature.)
  2. Entire homes that track the sun producing energy for several homes. Use electricity without any guilt.
  3. Homes with 12 floor plans, the plans changing in seconds; reinvent your home for the rest of your life (expensive remodeling unnecessary, a new home from moment to moment.)
  4. Homes where every room has the main view, the home theater, the fireplace, the private deck; i.e. ever room has everything (a house that performs as if twice as large.)
  5. Home theaters that go to 3 locations; the home theater everywhere that matters (as well as out of every room as needed for peace and quiet!) Leverages technology, increases effective use of each space.
  6. Kitchens that reinvent from moment to moment; serious cooking kitchen, outdoor kitchen, big party kitchen, intimate kitchen (a monster kitchen in a small space, a vastly better home in a smaller footprint.)

See how to live big and bold, “rock your green,” with "transforming architecture."