Transforming Architecture

Transformers that will Change Your Life.

 Architecture without walls. Homes where the indoors and outdoors co-create.


KIO The Kitchen Reimagined

KIO at the heart of your home, the kitchen, changes the entire nature of a home, you may feel like you’ve moved!

The KIO stands for Kitchen-Inside-Outside.  It’s a techie piece of furniture that drops into an exterior wall of your kitchen. Your home feels and operates bigger.  Outdoors is more readily at hand; your health is enhanced.

  • No need for more real estate or an outdoor kitchen, take you existing kitchen outdoors.
  • Very green, less stuff, less space needed . . .  but an explosion of the building envelope to the outdoors.
  • Creates connectivity with the outdoors; the home enlarged in the push of a button.
  • Instantly create a fabulous entertainment area.
  • Health of outdoor entertainment.
  • When nice weather . . . go outside.  Weather becomes an issue . . . back inside in a moment.
  • Hassle free outside entertainment.


RIO - Room Inside Outside

No need to deal with uncomfortable, dirty outside furniture.

At the touch of a button, take your whole living room with “creature comfort” furniture outdoors for 10 minutes, two hours, however things work out.

This optimizes views and enlarges the size of outdoor spaces particularly on smaller confined lots; i.e. ocean front, hillside properties.

Harmony RIO

Wall Transformer

When the kitchen segment leaves the kitchen, a large home theater comes into the kitchen!

Dinner and a movie.

Football game and make a sandwich.

The cooking channel right in the kitchen with a full size image of the chef now in your kitchen.

Many designs available.